Website / Publishing Partner Terms

Please find below the terms of business for our Website Partners. By becoming an OutreachPro partner, you agree to the terms set out in this document.

You / the website / Partner is here referred to as the ‘Publisher’.

The company or individual paying for the content placement is here referred to as ‘the Client’.

Publishing Partner Terms
Content marketing posts on your website are treated the same way as all other articles on the website. For example, they will appear on the front page (with other ‘latest posts’, and on the relevant category pages).
All posts must be guaranteed for at least one year. These are the payment terms from the Client. Removal of the post before this time will require a full refund (for us to refund the client).
Other links, including paid links, must not be added to the content at any point. Our client has paid for the content to be produced – they do not want to see competitor links appearing on the content.
Articles must not be marked as Sponsored (in any form), unless agreed in advance.
You, as the publisher, retain all rights and responsibility for publishing the content.
Monthly payment will be made in one payment, circa one week after the month end. We pay via BACS transfer or PayPal.
We do not allow customers to change links or make edits to their content (unless they pay an administration fee, which will be split between OutReachPro and you, the Publisher).
All revenues are split 50/50 between OutReachPro and the Publisher. Note that we do not operate on any other fee split basis.
The Publisher agrees not to publicly offer lower rates for content marketing articles and guest posts (than offered by OutReach Pro). We ask that our rates and offers remain in sync.