Website Monetisation

Website monetisation is our speciality. We have numerous proven methods to get your site earning money quickly, whatever your business type.

If you run a website and you are struggling to monetise it, we are here to help.

Content Marketing

Did you know that you don’t need to be attracting huge volumes of traffic to monetise your website or blog?

We’ve devised methods of monetising sites with very little traffic, meaning that you can earn money whilst further developing your business.

This method is suitable for blogs, online magazines, papers, review sites, and community sites. 

Every month we deposit hundreds or thousands of pounds into our client bank accounts. Best of all is that you don’t need to do anything!

We have over 500 clients waiting to guest blog on your site in order to help raise their own profile. Each of them will pay an admin fee for the time and trouble of publishing on your site. 

We generate up to £12k per month for two of our clients, several others receive payments of hundreds or thousands of pounds. For others with fairly new or small, they might receive a couple of hundred pounds per month to begin with. 

Rest assured, any content published on your site will add value. We ensure it’s both relevant and high quality, and we guarantee that you get paid by collecting your payment from our trusted customers. 

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Conversion rate optimisation

If you run an online store, there are various technical SEO methods to help you convert visitors into sales. These techniques are proven to increase the appeal and sales of your products.

If you don’t have enough visitors in the first place, we have various techniques to drive potential customers to your site. From PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, to social media ‘influencer’ techniques – we’ve got it covered.

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Programmatic advertising

If you do have lots of traffic to your site, you might be baffled by the numerous requests to join up with various programmatic ad agencies (all waiting to take a slice of your pie). It’s important to get your ad-stack setup right, and in the most effective positions.

Again, some technical knowhow and the correct setup can triple your earnings, and best of all, avoid you giving away half of your income, or chopping and changing your ad provider. 

We are able to setup and manage DFP, implementation, header bidding, pass-back tags, and so on. 

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Social Media

We have tools to drive potential customers to your social media profile, and tools to engage with your followers. If you’re looking to build your social following in order to convert followers into customers, we’ve got the tools and methods for that.

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Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images. Content image: Tumisu from Pixabay.