Website Monetisation

We’re here to help you monetise your website

Are you a website owner seeking to monetise your site?

Website monetisation is our speciality.

Forget low paid programmatic ads and banners that bring pennies into your bank account. You don’t need to resort to video ads or page takeovers that destroy your user experience either. Furthermore, you can continue to ignore the flood of content marketing spam. Of course you don’t want to publish irrelevant, low quality content on your site for a tiny fee.

Instead, we’ll get your site generating worthwhile income (and quickly) by placing high-quality, carefully crafted, relevant content onto your site at the highest fee possible.

How we work

We work with major news titles, popular blogs and other high authority websites to match them up with legitimate business clients producing high quality content. Importantly, we remove any work from you, and our primary objective is to maximise your income, whilst protecting your site authority and your user experience.

We take care of everything from receiving orders, negotiating prices, creating or editing the content, publishing (if you prefer), invoicing, and payment collection. We do all of this on a fee share basis, so we are completely incentivised to maximise your income, and look after the long-term health of your site.

If you run a website and you need to monetise it to its full potential, we are here to help. Get in touch today to onboard your site and start earning income.

Our method

Did you know that you don’t need to be attracting huge volumes of traffic to monetise your website or blog?

We’ve devised methods of monetising sites with very little traffic, meaning that you can earn money whilst continuing to build and develop your business.

This method is suitable for blogs, online magazines, newspapers, review sites, popular blogs and community sites. 

Every month we deposit hundreds or thousands of pounds into our client bank accounts. Best of all is that you don’t need to do any extra work.

We have over 2,000 clients waiting to guest publish on your site in order to help raise their own profile or domain authority.  We simply match our client content with the most relevant partner publication, create or edit the content to ensure it is suitable for publishing, collect payment, and send you.

Furthermore, your site’s user experience will not be negatively affected by ads, ad videos or multiple banners (but you can run ads together with our native articles if you choose to).

High quality guest posts

Each of our clients will pay a substantial ‘admin and publishing fee’ for the time and permission to publish on your site. 

Don’t worry – we either create, or vet all content to ensure it is relevant to your site, adds value, and is high quality.

We have a team of 50 qualified UK journalists working for us in their spare time to create engaging content on behalf of our clients.

How it works

In most cases, our website partners provide us with access to their site in order to upload and publish content. This allows us to publish relevant paid content as soon as the orders are made.

Some websites prefer us to send the content for them to upload. We are happy to work under this arrangement, providing you are able to publish within 24 hours of orders being made.

At the end of each month, we send you the revenue, together with a breakdown.

We split all revenue 50/50 with the publications. We invest significant time and resources into finding the right clients for your website. We’ll take care of client outreach, publishing, invoicing and payments. In fact, you don’t need to do anything.

We are very strict about the fee split with all of our clients. We invest a great deal of time and labour into marketing, client relationships, editing, publishing and payment collection. It’s important there is enough margin to incentivise our team to maximise your revenue.

You can view our full Partnership terms of business here.

How much can you expect to receive

Because we work with hundreds of publishers, we can find the market rate is for publishing on each site. If the price is too high, you’ll receive very few orders, if the price is too low, you’ll be inundated with requests from spammy link building sites.

When we find the price equilibrium for your site, the rest will depend on your site domain authority and other metrics.

As an example, we generate over £10k per month for a handful of our clients, several others receive payments of between £2k and £10k per month. For sites that are relatively new or have a low domain authority, revenue might vary from a couple of hundred pounds per month to begin with, into £1k-£2k once our clients begin making orders (and your authority starts to rise).

Can I still do my own content placement deals

Yes, you can continue doing your own deals. However, if you don’t make much money from content marketing, it might be worth routing your enquiries through our sales team. We know what to say and what to demand to get the best deals, and we have ways of filtering out time wasters.

The main stipulation is that we are offering the same price to our clients as you do if they come direct. As you can imagine, we don’t want to spend our time marketing your site to our clients, only for them to discover they can come directly to you for a better price.

Why would I give you 50% of the sales fee when I can do deals directly with customers?

Think of us as an extension of your team. We focus on efficiency, and we operate at scale. Because we have a huge client base, we are confident we can generate maximum revenues for you. Importantly, more than can be achieved in-house.

As mentioned, we invest a huge amount of time and resources into finding the right clients for your website. We’ll take care of client outreach, publishing, invoicing and payments so you don’t need to.

We focus on quality so you can rest assured that any content published on your site will add value. We ensure it’s both relevant and high quality, and we guarantee that you get paid by collecting your payment from our trusted customers. 

View our Partnership terms of business here.

Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images. Content image: Tumisu from Pixabay.