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Complete guest posting service

We run a comprehensive guest posting service.

Not only do we have access to hundreds of high domain authority websites willing to accept engaging and useful content from our customers, we also accept high-quality guest posts on our own websites. Furthermore, we can monetise your site – earning you thousands of pounds per month (even if you don’t attract much traffic).

We can take care of website outreach to get your content on as many high-quality sites and blogs as possible. Or we can help you monetise your website, connecting you with content marketing agencies willing to pay to place sponsored content on your site.

In addition, we have a creative team of UK based journalists and copywriters who will create engaging and highly optimised content for your business.

Submit your guest posts or content marketing articles

To post on any of our websites, contact:

Please get in touch with us using the email address above. We’ll supply our list of websites and prices, each willing to publish your content marketing, guests posts and sponsored content.

Monetise your website or blog

Did you know that you don’t need lots of traffic to monetise your website?

Hundreds of content marketing agencies are looking for high-quality websites that will publish guest content. They’ll pay anything from £30 to £500 per post. We send some of our clients monthly cheques for thousands of pounds.

Get in touch if you’re interested in monetising your site.

What are the benefits from guest posting, content marketing and sponsored posts?

The benefits of a well thought out guest post strategy are many and varied. Not only will it improve your overall website visibility, it can also help you reach new audiences, spread your brand message, and drive direct leads.

Improved search engine results & increased visibility

Most importantly, links and conversation from high authority sources count as ‘votes’ towards your site. This in turn enhances your own domain authority and search engine visibility.

Increased traffic to your website

The above has a knock-on to the traffic you’ll receive to your website over the course of the year. In addition, great content on the right sites can generate direct traffic from the posts.

Establish your brand as the authority

If you can create useful and informational content, you can position your brand as the authority on a given subject.

Improve your brand awareness and recognition

Strong content shows your customers (and potential customers) what your brand stands for. Some businesses use an effective content strategy to dictate the top results of search engines and push any negative comments down the results page.

Generate qualified leads

This is the primary aim of all SEO work. Improving your domain authority, positioning your site to the correct audience, and generating direct traffic from content is the purpose of your content strategy.

Cost effective

Content marketing is still relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing, PR and PPC.

What is the difference between guest posts, content marketing and sponsored content

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article that appears on someone else’s website or blog.

If it doesn’t have a direct commercial benefit, quite often sites are willing to accept your guest posts for free – providing the content is good enough. This can be a great tool for enhancing your authorship (i.e. promoting you as a writer). It’s ideal for connecting with audiences that you want to speak to. It’s also great way to connect with new readers and get your name out.

Content Marketing involves indirectly promoting your business via a piece of interesting and engaging content. Quite often, the purpose of the article is to present a relevant link to your website.

On a high-quality website a link can act as a ‘vote’ for your website. Sometimes these can be ‘natural’ links, but if your content is overly promotional, Google asks that the link is marked as ‘sponsored’.

Sponsored links are as above, but in this case you are revealing to the search engine that you have paid for the link to appear on that site. Sometimes this is wise to avoid any search engine penalties, which could ultimately damage your site.