Technical SEO

Technical SEO specialists: Give your site the competitive edge by ensuring it’s perfect under the bonnet.

technical SEO

Technical SEO specialists

Search engines like Google rank your site using hundreds of different ranking factors. Of course, your content is the most important aspect of your site, so it’s important to get your on-page optimisation perfect. However, how your site works from a technical aspect can make all the difference when it comes to appearing above your competitors.

Site Speed

One example is site speed. Google currently places an enormous emphasis on speed. In fact, your website will be actively punished by Google if your speed is not up to scratch. This could mean serving your site through a content distribution network (CDN), or caching pages so that the appear faster to visitors. Perhaps your code needs slimming down, or your images require optimisation.

Given that 90% of web traffic arrives through mobile, it’s vital that mobile site speeds are rapid. You may require a slimmed down version of your site for mobile, or perhaps AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) would work for your business.

Fixing Crawl Errors

Crawl errors indicate that Google is having trouble viewing the content on your site. Most websites have crawl errors, and the bigger they get, the more crawl errors appear.

Google is likely to punish a site with too many crawl errors. But fundamentally, if Google (or other search engines) can’t view it, they won’t rank it. It’s as simple as that. That’s why you should fix these issues as soon as possible.

There are other numerous types of crawl error. Google Search Console is a handy tool for identifying and isolating what’s causing all of your site errors. If you need somebody to identify and fix those errors for you, we’d be happy to help.


Hackers and malicious code are becoming ever more sophisticated, and so must your website security. Most people don’t prioritise security enough… until they’ve experienced the awful feeling of realising they’ve been hacked. There’s nothing more sickening than realising that your site has been compromised. In some cases the hack causes significant inconvenience, whilst in other cases, the effects are devastating.

Aside from keeping your site security updated, it’s also important to protect your users. If you’re not using HTTPS by now, then the time to make the switch is long overdue.

Potential search engine ranking boosts aside, HTTPs will protect your visitors’ data. This is especially important if you have any contact forms or sales points on your site. If you’re asking for passwords or payment information, then it’s not just important, it’s completely crucial.

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